round bale movers

round bale movers

 Introducing The Acuma-Haul self loading bale mover, the ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free handling. The Acuma-Haul is designed with the operator in mind, to do more and work less, all from the comfort of the tractor, making this a one man job.


Loading bales in the field is a simple process. Simply pull up next to the bale and watch our chain and paddle design move the bale back, making room for the next bale. This process is a one man job, from picking up the bales in the field to unloading them in your stack lot. One man, one tractor, one bale mover.

 Easy Unloading
The Acuma-Haul innovative unloading process simplifies your work. Start by backing up to your stack lot. lower the machine to the ground, and put your tractor in low gear. The paddle and chain system ensure that the bales are pushed off the machine into a perfectly straight line, neatly aligning the bales in a straight and tight row-no double handling

Our commitment to quality ensure that the Acuma-Haul is a machine built to last. Designed and built with durability in mind, this machine can withstand the rigors of daily farm life and will serve you for many years to come.